To Publish or To Self-Publish - Is that the Question?

To Publish: Let me say upfront: the greatest moment I've experienced as an author was holding my novel, Mira Falling, in my hands for the first time. There was something astonishing - like a brilliant magic trick - about seeing the book and feeling it as a tangible object. After two years of work, labouring over a dream, here was the evidence: I had made it. I was a real writer! But what does that mean – a ‘real’ writer? For me, being a real writer meant someone who had a novel published by a publishing company which, by extension, meant a ‘real’ book was one that was on a bookshop or library shelf. There is a simple explanation for this perception: history. For as long as there has been ‘th

Welcome to my new website and blog.

To celebrate the publication of my first ebook -Sisterhood - I've put together this new website, where you'll find information about my work and can keep up with when new works will be available. You'll find Sisterhood available on the following websites, where you can read the first three chapters for free and purchase a copy: Smashwords Amazon Google Play Check back soon for publishing dates for the Print On Demand (POD) version of Sisterhood - for all those lovers of the sound of fluttering pages! Happy Reading, Maria #smashwords #googleplay

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