The Creative Writing Excellence Program


There are three things I love to do with my time: write, edit, and teach. The Creative Writing Excellence Program (CWEP), which I present on behalf of the University of the Sunshine Coast, fulfills the third aspect of my working life.  


This program, which USC facilitates as part of its regional engagement commitments, takes me (and my teaching colleague) into eleven high schools across the Wide Bay-Burnett and Moreton Bay regions (luckily, I also love to drive as I can cover up to 850kms in a week), where I meet and work with students from around 28 primary and secondary schools. During each nine week program, we discuss the basic of the creative writing process, building on the skills of the students, and helping them discover the intricacies of story writing. At the conclusion of the program, the schools and I collaborate to compile and publish an anthology of the student's writing, providing them with a concrete outcome to their hard work. 


As jobs go, this is a pretty awesome one, which has provided me with the opportunity to meet many great students and some particularly splendid young writers. What I enjoy most about working with these students is their spontaneity, bravery, and openness to learning ~ each one is an inspiration to me. Below are examples of the stories produced by student-writers involved in the CWEP. Enjoy!

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